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Hello, hello!

Guess who's finally back! ( *)

However, I highly doubt anyone cares or will be reading this anytime soon. After all, I haven't been back since...uh 2016. (﹏)

Wow, 2016--that's like three whole ass years ago. I first joined this website in 2012, but I've long since stopped using it outside of occasionally logging in to message on of my online friends. I'm sorry to say, but is basically dead. That's perfect--for me that is to publish my shitty writings, knowing that no one will ever fucking read them.

Reading old writings of yours is just, like the absolute worst for any writer. I dread reading my old works because of that unrealistic dialogue, predictable plots, and unlikable characters. At the same time, I'm fucking grateful to have a place where I CAN read my past writings because I can see my growth. It is tangible proof that I grew as a writer.

(。•́︿•̀。) I bet at this point, that random stranger that stumbled across my bio is probably thinking "Okay so what? What's your fucking point?"

Why hello there stranger. My pen name is SOUHARUFORLIFE and I'm here to say that I am back from my long hiatus. Yay! (*cue confetti*)

Writing is a process where I am constantly growing. In these past three years, I have definitely grown. I'm excited to share my growth to the few readers that stuck around and with the hundreds that still use this website. I hope you guys can witness my growth as well.

"The difference between a writer and someone who wants to write is that the writer actually writes."

This summer, I'm challenging myself to undertake a project. I will be tying up lose endings for any fanfictions that I haven't finished, as well as possibly publishing new pieces. Also, fear not! All my old pieces will still be available to read/reread for anyone to laugh at how bad my writing was. I will include a more detailed list of my plans below for anyone that cares:

- Finish When Did Things Get So Complicated [this will probably take a bulk of my time this summer!]

- Finish Betrayed [?] [No promises on this one. It's been so long since I watched Black Bullet that I literally forgot the entire plot of the anime]

- Publish a new piece [I'm planning on making it something like a throwback in honor of the first published piece of writing I still have on this account]

I don't have a schedule yet of anything (and oh my fucking god I just realized how much writing I have to do) but I can promise I can get something out before the end of July! I know that seems very far off, but I will be spending the next two weeks working on a piece for a friend of mine.

Alright that's a wrap on everything I have to say.

Thanks for even bothering to read my long word dump!


- Any questions, comments, concerns: feel free to PM me! Just keep in mind that I probably won't respond very quickly.

- If no one got it from reading this, I really like using italics

- I probably will be deleting this as soon as I get a couple chapters of When Did Things Get So Complicated post so if anyone clicked on this wanting to actually know more about me; I will be bringing that back soon

Take care everyone ٩( )۶

08.01.2019 Update

I sincerely apologize (for anyone that bothered to care) that I don't have a new chapter out for WDTGSC even though I promised I'll have it out before the end of July. I looked over my notes for where I planned to go with the fanfiction when I started tackling the project, but realized that I didn't even know myself what direction to go. To make things easier for me, I decided to change the plot completely, while keeping elements of the previous versions. I have one chapter written, about a hundred words written for the second chapter, and a general outline for the third chapter. I won't make anymore promises I can't kept, but I will try my absolute best to finish both of those chapters as soon as I can.

Thank you!

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