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Doki-Doki-CS-Love PM
Joined Mar '13

I'm mainly a reader, not a writer (though I have recently dipped my toe in the writers pool) - but I love all things Captain Swan.

I also have a particular fondness to Dark!Hook, Dark!Emma, Lieutenant!Duckling & M-rated fics *okay, okay - I enjoy a good smut fic

CS Fanfiction is my Air & I read daily - with 200, no 350Favourites, there's no doubt!!

My reviews are genuine & I try to drop a review for each fic I read.

To all the writers out there - Keep up your excellent work! I love all your muses and send out virtual hugs & cookies to all!

Previously known as Kazetsume, now go by Doki-Doki-CS-Love.(doki-doki is the Japanese word that refers to the sound of a heart beating, especially in scenarios of love, excitement etc)

Very, very green in the writing department, (literally on OUAT S4 premiere day). Attempting to do Colifer & Captain Swan fics. Be Kind & Constructive, I ignore Hate (in everything I do). Also on AO3

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