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Hello, it's El.

I'm currently a college student in the U.S. studying film/computer sci.

I enjoy drawing, writing, exploring, and playing games. I am an avid fan of many things, especially if it's fantasy/supernatural. I also ship many things with many people, and I wish I had the time to write stories for all of my lovely ships. Maybe one day.

Unfortunately, I cannot Beta for anyone at the moment due to my schedule, but there is a great ton of people out there that do have the talent and patience for it.

Regarding my updating speed, I can only say that it will constantly fluctuate around my school/work schedule. I do, however, do my very best to update at least once a month, and if lucky, twice a month. I wish I could be like those authors who get a new chapter done every week, but sadly, I am not one of them.

About my stories:

Locked by Destiny: [HIATUS] This was my first attempt at fanfiction, and the only reason I keep it up here is to remind myself of how terrible I was at planning and character development. Yeah – I was obviously not born a writer. The hiatus will most likely be infinite unless I find it in myself to revamp the entire thing from the beginning. I would advise you not to read it, unless you need an example of a badly planned story.

Lime Green Robes: [COMPLETE] LGR is a short dramione story, another first attempt at this intriguing pairing/fandom. Overall, it’s very light-hearted and fluffy if you’re in the mood for such things.

Inverse: [WIP] This Harry Potter fic is going to be pretty epic in length, and I suspect it’ll take me about another year or so to get it all done. Dramione-centric, AU after Hermione keeps the time turner for a personal mission. It’s relatively slow paced and begins from fourth year, and will end at the seventh. I anchor this story around the books, rather than the movies, so if you are confused about canonical events that seem different, that would probably be why.

Anachronistic Drift: [WIP] A Naruto time-travel fic centering around Sakura. An AU where Sasuke kills Naruto in their final battle in the Valley of the End, Sakura takes it upon herself to go back in time. Features a competent Sakura (like she should have been, not some back character with a cardboard personality), building friendship and time-travel shenanigans. This is a story for my muse, so I'll usually come back to it when I'm dealing with writer's block. Expect sporadic updates.


I have a Tumblr under the same name, which I visit quite often. I only go to to upload my chapters, so if you want to chat, I would see your messages and reply much faster via Tumblr.

To the apparent dismay of many, I do not to write smut/NC-17 material in my fics. They will all be rated T with the exception of colorful language. I do this mainly because (1) I struggle immensely in writing romantic scenes, imagine me trying to write two people having sex – oh, god no; and (2) I don’t want to sit in a room and direct two people on how to have sex in real life, so I don’t want to have to do it on paper, even if they are just characters.

If you have books/manga/anime/ships/or whatever else you want to recommend me, do it! I’m always happy to receive new suggestions.

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