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Name: «DarkAkatsuk1» (Or, just call me DARK, DA1, DarKoffee, Coffee Lover, The "Dante" Guy, SSAtsuma)

Age: 2?

Race: Human

Occupation: College Student

Hobbies: Sleeping, Writing/Reading Fanfiction, Playing Computer Games (if I can afford it), Getting Salty over Gacha Games

Location: 1800 Notarealaddress Dot Com

Note To Readers: I do not dig Yaoi, with the exception of humorous scenes that entertains the audience. It could be the greatest masterpiece that would make any fluffy story pale in comparison, and I still won't read it. However, I am not entitled to judge anyone's fetish, nor will I ever be. That said, just don't expect it from me.

You will not have any lemons from me. I will hint at/mention them, yes, but in no way am I going to write out the juicy and specific details that revolve around a guy inserting his penis into a girl's vagina. Even if you pay me, that will only get me in trouble…

…unless I have a Patre0n account, because whut. Never heard of making money by circumventing the system? BUT! I only want to do that if dumbass times call for desperate measures on my end.

It appears dumbass times have finally come to me. And all of us, apparently. That calls for desperate, if not a little dumb, measures. I have set up a Patre0n account. And I have transferred over to Ko-fi instead. That way, I won't have to think about monthly stuff and people are free to decide how much they want to donate.

Strictly speaking, my fanfictions are and will always be free, and no one will be under any obligation or pressure to offer support. I will use fanfiction to promote my Ko-fi. Link can be found here:

ko-fi. com (slash) darkakatsuk1

In other news, my AO3 account is pending. Or maybe I already have it and you can read the smutty details over there. Meh. Nothing's over there anyway now active! Or at least, it is on the website, but I have not even touched it. I may retreat to that site if there comes the day FFN decides to implode on itself. I also have a WattPad account by the name SSSAtsuma. Webnovel account to come soon.

I do not take requests. Once, I did, but it turned out to be work I did not enjoy writing. Thus, I will likely read what a person has to say about their request(s), but I will not take requests.

If you have something to add to anything I write, feel free to state such. Hell, be as blunt and insulting as possible, but if you don't back up the reason why I suck or something like that, I'll write it off as an unnecessary flame. How am I suppose to get any better if I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong?

Personal Hero: I have many, yet none worth mentioning. Sour.

Information: I like to think of myself as a completely ordinary guy that has nothing special about himself. I have an ordinary body that has neither scrawny nor fat and I've completed high school with a GPA only slightly above 3.0. I pretend to know martial arts, but I really don't. Nothing special to brag about. The one thing I CAN brag about though is my abhorrent laziness, which is why it's a miracle I managed to even write out this much when I'm supposed to be writing my next chapter for whatever fanfiction I have currently published. That and me thinking too much for my liking.

Unofficially, I have 2 Ph.D.'s and a Master's degree from IWSS, short for the Institution of Wise Slash Smartassery. Whenever people talk about stuff, I have the unfortunate and unconscious ability to come up with a smartass remark that either insult aforementioned person or makes people hate me. It's especially exacerbated when I'm high on adrenaline. It's an ability I can't turn off, so for whatever reason, people wonder why I don't have a lot of friends that can bear my attitude.

I tread along the lines of not knowing and not caring every day... Which is also another reason why I don't go to a lot of social gatherings. Adding to that, I have absolutely no qualms in shamelessly referencing anything in my speech or stories… I need to fix that really soon.

I'm the kind of person who will watch from the sidelines rather than actively participate in whatever discussion/event/conversation is going on. Very rarely will I give my own thoughts unless someone wants me to.

I use sarcasm in my conversations/PM's. If I ever come off as hurtful or offensive, then look for sarcasm.

By chance, if you see anyone with my name, or any of my other nicknames mentioned above, in whatever games you play, there is a highly likely chance that is me. Come and say hi sometimes. I will deny that I write fanfiction unless you bother me enough.

Ever since I ran into FFN, I've slowly become addicted to the point that it's common for me to check for updates and search for stories each and every day, regardless of what time it is. My internal clock is completely messed up, and I fall asleep faster AND slower than I would like. I would like to fix that ASAP.

Future Stories

(Titles and summaries are tentative and subject to change. Stories are arranged from "relatively likely to be released" to "least likely, if ever".)

There Will Be Demons (Devil May Cry x Arknights)

Catastrophes like none other descend on Terra.

The two brother's showdown ripped against the fabric of space and time. Their final clash triggered many alarms to sound, signaling the worst and yet the most benevolent calamity to date on Terra. Weeks later, two mysterious people settle about to change Terra's history. Either intentionally or not.

Within Arts and Aura (RWBY x Arknights)


Oceanborne (Bloodborne x Arknights) [SHORT STORY]


A Memory of Rage (Asura's Wrath x RWBY) [ONESHOT]

They are all right to fear you.

The Gods have long abandoned Remnant, and they will only return when their chosen one has reunited the relics. But their decision becomes at fault when one being beyond the stars and planets, beyond Aura make an appearance in the form of Wrath incarnate.

Devil Fighter (Devil May Cry x Street Fighter)

The limited showdown of a lifetime!

When they're broke and have no demons to kill, what do devil hunters do? Join tournaments? Of course not. So why was Dante there? And how did he even get there? Ah, right. It was because someone thought it was a good idea to harness demons as a source of power. It'd better not be Vergil again.

The chronology of this short story will likely to set sometime close to DMC3 or DMC1.

Artificiality (NieR x NieR:Automata) [ONESHOT]

It was a reality that was never meant to be.

Project Gestalt was a failure. Humanity had reached its end. The truth was hidden away to preserve order. That was why it was so easy to destabilize the norm.

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