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Joined Mar '13

Current Status (August 1st): I need to stop getting obsessed with new fandoms...

Who are you?

Greetings, one and all! I'm RagingContent, but I don't really mind what you call me, as long as it's not offensive. I'm a writer from the lovely land of Canadia, who has such bad Attention-Deficit that she can't even write a short story without losing interest. As a result, I'm mostly stalking the website for cool stories and silently stalking those stories because I'm too socially anxious to actually review on said stories. Anyway, hi.

What's your name?

Anyone who read my now-deleted crossover will know this, but I'd rather keep my identity secret. You should know me as RagingContent, no?

How old are you?

Between 5 and 50 years old. Not specifying the number any further.

Where do you live?

What, are you planning on stalking me? I live in western Canada.

Will you be my friend?

Friends are always good! If you're willing to be friendly, I'll always be friendly.

Will you read my story?

Is it creative, spell-checked, exciting, and most importantly, is it original? Then yes please!

Current Works...?

Starfall (Hunger Games x Overwatch; Ana76): Completed!

Future Works!

Not much planned at the moment, just a few ideas that I'm currently brainstorming. Mostly Avengers or Overwatch crossovers.

Might be setting up a special Twitter for updating people on my exploits soon enough, if anyone's interested...

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