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So hey there. I'm Jenzie (not actually my name but I'm sure it's easy to guess.) I'm an overly stressed now 23 year old. I live in the US...that's probably why. I freakin' love to read, I only just started trying to write fanfiction in middle school, quit for awhile, and now I'm trying again. Good luck to me. :/

I love poetry. Mainly Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost. And I love reading fanfiction because's just better than the original stuff. xD

I love to read TMNT fanfiction and I used to read My Chemical Romance fanfictions too. Mostly because I just love that band.

And I'm not sure what else to put on here soooo...yup. :3

If you haven't guessed by now, I have returned from several years of being nonexistant. I'm gonna come back full force and update my current stories as they come back to me and maybe start new ones, haven't decided yet.

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