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I discovered fanfiction in the late 90s, and read stories from my then obsession, the tv show Due South, that loaded in plain text at a very slow pace. Things have certainly changed! While I've never written anything of my own, I've enjoyed countless hours of expansion on my favorite characters in multiple fandoms, and been the beta reader/plot hammerer for my very talented sister, Sadieelfgirl here on .

I really enjoy strong male friendship and hurt/comfort. Also, I'm a huge fan of vivid word usage, a well thought out plot, and a strong grasp of canon. Though I am definitely willing to try an intriguing au story. And the occasional cross-over. Okay, so maybe I'm not that discerning. As long as the characterizations are on, I'll give it a whirl. ;) I won't generally do smut or slash though. Just not for me.

Thanks to all the authors that give my favorite characters life and depth beyond the screen or pages of their origin. I really appreciate you, and your courage in sharing yourself through writing. Thank you!

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