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Hello to everyone! I am an just a person with a healthy obsession for reading, most prominently fan-fiction. I suppose it is because I just find a lot of canon stories lacking in providing the necessary stimulation to my brain…

For my mind, there is nothing like a damn good piece of literature of fan fiction that makes your mind swell in emotions and pleasure that normally canon content sorely fall short to deliver. And I am in a never ending quest to find those small gems spread through the universe that beg to be read, though of and remembered.

I know writing a story can be hard and a slow process. So if you're an author passing through, I applaud you and commend you for writing all those stories we lazy readers binge on. I cannot thank you enough as you are basically feeding our anxious souls.

My favorited stories contain a combination of the best stories I have ever read in my chosen fandoms and of those with potential or creative outlook. A few of these stories I'll admit, are probably worth nothing, but I was compelled to add them.

I don't even know why I bothered writing all this in my profile page, but if you got to the end then thank you I guess, and hope you enjoy your day!


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