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Reading and collecting good stories in whatever fandom I like atm.

June 2010: And now also writing!

About me

Hello! I am Cun(dou), happily married with wife and kid, house and car and even a fluffy little dog, aaand a tortoise too, he's quite grumpy tho. Writing has always been a passion for me and while I secretly dream of one day publishing something original, I spend a lot of time writing fanfics too. It's kind of... easier. You have a setting, you have characters that people already like (or dislike), and just play with them.

So here we are. Playing around and hopefully learning something along the way. I hope to become a steadily better writer here, and hope you'll indulge me with some feedback whenever you can.

Happy reading!


I recently "re-discovered" this show after originally dropping it some years ago due to... I dunno. Momentary insanity?

In any case, I am SOLD. RWBY has this quirky charm and great potential of an original show. Even if we've seen the premise before - as we always have - everything lies in the execution and presentation. And the characters. Oh man. I LOVE them all to death and back. Some of them literally (sorrynotsorry).

Being a sucker for the strong, female protagonist Ruby has wormed her way into my heart, especially after the volume 3 finale. And of course, being a lesbian myself, I am a hardcore shipper of the girl-on-girl action in fanworks~ If she does end up with a girl in the series I will most assuredly not be complaining, but part of what appeals me about Ruby is that she has shown no interest in romance so far. At all.

Let's see how that holds up as she matures.

On Railgun/Index

Being a long-time fan, I've written quite a few stories here already. Recently, my focus has shifted - a once in a decade event, take photos! - but by no means does that mean I'm no longer a Railgun fan. Mikoto is my favorite character, so naturally I write stories with a Railgun setting. I like Touma in Railgun without all the drama and harem, but since he's a guy he loses out to Kuroko and the other girls in terms of favorite. As for pairings, I am a heavy Mikoto shipper, and she fits well with anyone really. Mikoto-harem ftw!

I won't say I take requests exactly, but any ideas that seem interesting might be considered, you know? And a challenge every now and then is fun as well!

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