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5.8.15 (; д ;*)

-- previously Wailing Trigger

ahh, it's been so long since i've been here?? i've deleted most of my work bc holy shit that was awful. i've mostly recovered from my illness, so i'll be working on some new stories; if you have any requests i'd be glad to write them.

my writing style is pretty verbose, so sorry if that bugs anyone. but i do experiment a lot so look forward to that. English is not my first language so. um. if you see any mistakes please tell me!

oh! my name is Trigger/Hero, and i only have a vague idea of what i want to do when i grow up!

– im secretly a small overworked skeleton.

Written bc of me:

like, this is waaaay back when i first created this account that I wrote my first fanfiction. i made this Just so i could put something in the tag. i never imaged that I would inspire such a great drabble or give someone courage to do something. i never imagined this dumb ship i've created actually had more fans?? the original work that inspired it is Gone, but it's very similar - except this is better lmao. also!! the authors rlly nice.

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