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I live just east of Portland, Oregon and come by the Old_Gamer tag naturally, as I am retired from a forty year (thirty-five for one company) career in the heavy-truck (class 7 & 8) service industry. My children introduced me to Mass Effect; my daughter to playing as FemShep – I’ve been hooked ever since. I have the Collector editions of -2 and -3, which I still play occasionally with Rachaél Anne – my sole survivor, colony raised Butcher of Torfan adept – just for the privilege of listening to Jennifer Hale’s excellent voice work. I have all the DLC’s, which I’ve worked into my story(s).

I've recently revised the titles of each story, as ‘From Shanghai…’ is actually the beginning of Samantha Traynor’s portion of the entire series.

Nearing the completion of Transformation Part II, a FF author and fellow reader became increasingly interested in my ‘take’ on the end of Mass Effect. I asked Desert Sunrise to become my Beta Reader, in exchange for performing the same service for DS. We have since become good friends; in addition to proof reading, we regularly contribute to each other’s stories. Hooley on the Normandy was written to answer a challenge, yes - but it was also a proof of concept - done in order to discover if we worked well together over e-mail (and now Skype). We've been collaborating ever since, and I believe the results speak for themselves.

Upon realizing Transformation, Part III had gone as far as it could, and after considerable prompting from Desert Sunrise, I began drafting a continuation, in which I envisioned an increasingly unhappy Samantha Traynor resigning from the Systems Alliance in order to take over Liara T'Soni's former position as the galaxy's premier information broker; Transformation Part IV: Resurrection of the Shadow Broker is the result. I plan to update the story at the beginning of each month.

The four stories below are listed in order of the Mass Effect timeline;

Hooley, of course, takes place in Desert Sunrise's galaxy, in which Shepard destroyed the Reapers.

TRANSFORMATION, Part I: From Shanghai to the Hong Kong II is a back story for Samantha Traynor’s non-canon love interest Yuán Xiùlán, a story I felt needed to be explored due to Yuán’s (and Traynor’s) increasingly frequent appearances in Transformation, Part II, and starting in September 2015, Transformation, Part III: New Beginnings.

TRANSFORMATION, Part II: Going Home is actually my first Fan-Fiction tale, recounting the story of the Normandy and its crew in a post-Synthesis galaxy. 08/14/15 NOTE: I've marked this story COMPLETE, as the Normandy has safely returned to the Citadel. The story continues in Part III with familiar faces and some new OC's. Thanks to all of my many followers for sticking with this through fifty-one chapters and beyond, and a special thanks to my new friend Desert Sunrise for joining me for the journey.

TRANSFORMATION, Part III: New Beginnings, the continuation of the adventure started in Transformation, Part II: Going Home.

TRANSFORMATION, Part IV: Resurrection of the Shadow Broker is part four of the Transformation stories, telling the tale of Samantha Traynor’s resignation from the Alliance Navy in order to become the new Shadow Broker—independent of oversight by any government or race—and of her efforts to rebuild the network of information gathering agents and enforcers.

Hooley on the Normandy is a completed one-shot, a collaboration with my good friend and beta reader, Desert Sunrise—the short-story takes place in DS’s galaxy, and is the result of a short notice challenge we received to create a tale having Samantha Shepard, Liara, their close friends and family and the crew of the Normandy, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, 2188. (We each published the story because, with only three or four exceptions, DS’s followers are a whole different crowd than mine).

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