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Born January 3 , 1973 in Charlottesville , VA at 5:35 AM.I am male and I am 37 this year 2010 .My URL is http://www.fanfiction.net/destroyerdrt. I like stories that for the most part have the characters the way they are shown is the source material for them and that go beyond what is show but still in "character". Log-in mostly to do reviews. I have posted my first story and if any one wants to be a beta reader for me just send me an email or a pm and I will try to get back to you hopefully that same day or the next.

My Pet Dragon

A Yahoo group for the reading Harry Potter stories check it out!

Last year my laptop hard-drive died and had to get a new one now it is fixed but the disc drive is not working so all of my Harry Potter:Potion Master notes and help files can not be use I will return to the story when it is fixed.

My favorite fandoms are as follows and if you know a good story or site that has them let me know!!!!

Power Rangers{the first one's That I ever read}

Inuyasha {was next Kagome/Inuyasha}

He-man{Both the 1980's show and the 2003 show Teela/Adam}

Harry Potter {Harry/Hermione is the main one for me}

The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest{with Johnny and Jesse has the ship}

Naruto{Naruto/Sakura is the main}

Vampire Hunter D

Young Justice {Conner/Megan, Spitfire [Kid Flash/Artemis]}

Let me in/Let the right one in {Abby/Owen}

Perks of Being A Wallflower {Sam/Charlie} [saw this one right away in the book and movie]

Kick-Ass {Dave/Mindy}[could see none adult content (sex) romatic relationship from the end of the first movie and when she and Dave first meet]

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