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Hey all;

So, you've probably noticed (or not, maybe I'm just a narcissist) that I've been pretty much inactive over the past few months. I moved over to AO3, and then I kind of lost interesting in fandoms and fanfiction altogether. It's been about a year since I did any creative writing, but I've recently started again on Wattpad, so if you want to read some original works then come check me out, and ping me a message too: it would be nice to see some friendly faces on the new website. I'm still MeercatWhisperer112 on both AO3 and Wattpad.

Oh, and to those readers of 'The Lives of Immortals'- I do have plans for finishing it off, one day, when I find both the time and the motivation. Until then, I still read every review you leave for me, and smile at each one.

Thanks again


P.S. To everyone who's had their souls crushed by Abandoned in Antarctica- still not sorry!

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