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Favorite Anime & Manga: DBZ, Rurouni, The Prince of Tennis, One Piece, all of Yugi-oh series, Zarch Bell, Bleach, Rosario Vampire, Case Closed, Yu Yu Hakusho, all of .Hack series, Ronin Warriors, Shadow Skill, dragon ball z,db gt, Naruto, Hamatora the animation, Strike the blood, Pokemon, Fairy tail,all beyblade series only Tyson 1s, Almost every ecchi anime, Almost every harem anime except to love ru and love hina, and any other anime with badass OP male lead.

Favorite Cartoons: Teen Titans, The Batman, TMNT, Jackie Chan Adventures, Shalion Showdown, the regular show, Adventure time, the amazing world of gumball, south park,johnny test, family guy.

Favourite Games: Need for speed series, Batman series, Jackie chan adventures, Matrix series, Assassin's creed series, Prototype series, Pokemon series, Sleeping dogs, Cod series, Battlefield series, Godhand, Saints row series, Gta series, Tekken series, Street fighter series, Beyond two souls, Tomb raider series(Tomb raider 2013 lara croft was hot) The Last Of Us, Tom Clancy's Games, Splinter cell series, Hitman series, Naruto series(Storm 1,2,3) Watchdogs, black ops 1 and 2 zombies, fifa 14, Uncharted series Naruto Ninja Storm Revolution, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Evil Within, Dying Light, Assassin's Creed Unity, Uncharted 4, Batman Arkham Knight, Final Fantasy XV, Fifa 15, Rainbow Six Siege, Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, Mortal Kombat X, Witcher 3.

Favourite Tv Shows: Breaking Bad, Walking dead, Daredevil, Flash, House of cards, Game of thrones, Psych, and some more shit that i cant remember atm.

Genre of Music: Rap, Trap, and some more Crap..(EDM, Korean, Japanese, basically anything that is good, dont have a particular taste.

Fairy tail Ost's

1: The Last Magic

2: Dragon Slayer

3: Invoke Magic

Pairings I like: (not in order)

NatsuxHarem without Lucy of course ;)








Natsuxany other hot chick i missed. Except Lucy, ill admit shes hot but still shes annoying asf. Shes basically Sakura if this was Naruto and you know how annoying she was...ugh.





Narutoxany hot Fem-Uchiha can also be fem Sasuke or Itachi or whatever.

NarutoxOC mostly fem-Uchiha's like Sasuke's cousin or some shit.

Narutoxhis twin sister


NarutoxKaguya (my most fav..God why do I love pairings that are so so rare and will never happen!? Even in fanfiction there are almost none..)

Pairings i dislike:

NatsuxLucy I mean seriously Erza was Natsu's first best friend wtf :/ and Lucy is a high malfuctioning ho fo sho with low intellect that was probably stunted by the growth of her huge ass melons...shes still hot tho no denying, but sometimes sexiness aint everything yano.


Natsuxany other male, no comment. -_-

Narutoxany other guy like Sasuke like all you fangirls do -.-


Ashxany other guy



LuffyxNami, seriously? I mean there are way better chicks in one piece its like a paradise of women i mean look at Harpy Monet she is awesome and freakin sexy or maybe Tashigi or maybe some other chick in the world of OP also known as heaven of sexy girls bruh! but nieeennnnnn it has to be Nami :D

And finally since I always do Natsu with badass Naruto elements

Disclaimer: i dont own Fairy Tail or Naruto and never will, it will belong to Hiro Mashima and Masashi Kishimoto till the day they die or retire or some shit. if i did own it..people would be glad cause Naruto took a bad turn and ended shittyily if thats a word and Fairy Tail needs to have a Natsu that is more freakin badass and epic and also a harem mofo. *pout*

Be warned if you dont like Epic Natsu becoming more epic, Natsu being so badass people die and explode through sheer epicness, Oc Natsu who was badass from start but hid it, hardcore sex, hardcore bad language, M rated shit, ancient psychic tandem war elephants and Gumballs puking rainbows...then dont read my fics :3

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