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Andromeda Snape-Malfoy
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I am a 39-year-old resident of Canterbury in the UK, where I live alone but for three dogs and two gerbils. I have been a professional writer, editor and film reviewer for 20 years, currently making a good living as a freelance.

I like cars and motorsports, reading, dressage, dogs, theatre and film, running through the woods during thunderstorms, target shooting (I shoot competitively for my county), making the occasional idiot of myself, and trying new things. Otherwise I'm sensible enough to mostly stay out of trouble (or at least to get out of trouble if I'm in it), but still crazy enough to enjoy life.

I only read fanfic from the Potterverse, with a particular fondness for slash, Severitus' challenge fics and dark!harry. I think nothing is better than Harry taking over the wizarding world with Lucius, Draco and Sev at his side. My favourite ships are Harry/Lucius, Harry/Severus, Harry/Voldemort and a bit of Harry/Draco. For whatever reason, HP het leaves me cold, which is odd since I'm a completely straight woman. I think Ron is a boorish idiot so I like seeing him suffer, and if boring old Remus and Sirius join him all the better.

Due to professional conflicts of interests, I don't write fanfic. I also rarely beta, as I hardly want to spend my free time doing exactly what I do for a living. That being said, on rare occasions I can sometimes be convinced to proofread - usually only competent work that has already been beta'd - for 'Britishness' and errors. I'm a rather fearsome beta though, as I'm not afraid to get stuck in to complete rewrites if necessary, so don't ask me unless you're prepared for your work to be torn apart and reassembled under the critical gaze of a professional.

Why not visit my new Livejournal: /~andrea_bloodaxe/

"I know Unforgivables and I'm not afraid to use them"



27th June, 2005:

I have set a new challenge, and welcome all attempts to write a fic for it. Do let me know if you're giving it a try so I can read it. Find the details of Andromeda Snape-Malfoy's Challenge here:


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