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O Long Johnson PM
Joined Mar '13, Canada

Hello and Welcome to my profile page!

I'm a long term fan visitor that has finally gotten around to creating their own account.

I hope to have some eggs in the nest (my own slang for fan fiction) one day, but so far inspiration hasn't hit me yet. In the mean time, I still love to read stories and give feedback to writers.

I have a particular interest in these fandoms: The Batman Comics/ Television series, Nolan verse Batman/The Dark Knight Rises, South Park, The Avengers, and Justice League.

Fandoms I have some interest in: Axis Powers Hetalia, Naruto and various other animes.

I'm pretty old school when it comes to my tastes in fan fiction.

Thou Shalt Not Steal because thou was not creative enough to write thy own stories or because thou is a fail troll/ attention whore.

I am now one of the mods of TAPIR (The Anti-Plagiarism Investigation Reports) as I have a strong stance against plagiarism and copyright infringement of any kind.

Feel free to post in the forum if you come across what you may suspect to be plagiarism or extensive copyright infringement.

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