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Hey there! I joined this site because I've always loved creating stories in my head and then trying to write them down. I have many, many ideas that I'm working on and writing about, and now as I do so, I can share them with others! Hope you like my writing! On another note, feel free to ask me any questions either through messages or through my writing email, magicmysticfantasy@ .

Here is a list of series that I have going:

Perfect Balance Inspired - The 100: 3 stories (complete)

You Have Already Gone Supernova - Star Trek: 5 stories (incomplete)

Cracked, Not Shattered - Kuroko no Basuke: 3 stories (incomplete)

Family Isn't Always Blood - Outer Banks: 3 stories (incomplete)

Radio Waves - Oxenfree: 3 stories (complete)

BNHA What-ifs - BNHA: 3 stories (incomplete)

IMPORTANT: Some of my earliest stories are currently being edited or rewritten, and special notes will be added to those as the stories are updated. In the meantime, I apologize for the inconsistent level of writing on my account, and assure you that it will be fixed.

Stories being rewritten:

Sienna's Journey

Magic of the Wolves

The Path to Forgiveness

Different Worlds

Due to all of the stories I'm working on, it will sometimes be a while between updates - whether in a series or in a story. However, the only ones on true hiatus are the ones marked 'hiatus', and if the story is marked as being rewritten or incomplete then I will come back to it sooner or later!

In the meantime though...



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