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Hey there! Nice to see you. Or, um, you to see me. :D I'm an avid, middle-aged, fanfic reader and writer. My writing is on that other site that begins with an AO, same ID as here.

I read several different fandoms, but only write in Harry Potter as that's where I feel most comfortable. I can love, or hate a character depending on how they are written, but my least favorite pairings have to be Harry/Ginny or Hermione/Ron. I don't see Harry wanting to be with someone who looks like his mother, and I don't see Hermione wanting to be with someone who is only interested in Quiditch, food, and chess. OH, or Tony/Ziva for NCIS. Just don't like her, but him I can see with just about anyone, but her. LOL

I'm a HUGE slash fan. I don't care if the people who play the characters are or aren't in real life. This is FICTION. in FICTION they can be whatever we want them to be. That's the beauty of FICTION. That's why things like Mpreg, or super powered Harry can work, it's FICTION!

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