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"This account was created by accident, and will probably not be used. Since there is no way to delete an inactive account, here it lies. Who knows, maybe I'll use it to post stories I'd like to have under a "secret identity," someday in the future." - MichelleTheEditor

Such was the fate that this account was left to, and as far as it's unintentional creator knew, it was destined to sit on this site unused, until the site became outdated and bypassed by ever-improving technology. Little did she know that this account was created for a reason, predestined, if you will, to one day be handed down to her younger sister for her to have her bit of a go at that whole writing gig that her older sister was so involved in.

Hello, I am the younger sister of MichelleTheEditor,(I recommend her writing to anyone who likes Tokusatsu) my noble predecessor and this accounts legendary ancestor. I am here because I too have a desire to write, and a need for deadlines to make me be consistent against my flighty nature. I, like my Good-Elder-Sister, am a Reformed Presbyterian, on Eastern standard Time, and a female as the word "sister" insinuates.

Though there are going to be many similarities in the writing of myself and my sister (we are the two who began as fantasy lovers and like Kamen Rider and Power Rangers the most in our family, wanting to write because of it.) I think our writing will be interesting to compare. I, opposed to my sister, enjoy a wide number of arts, which come and go in spikes. My stories will be less action based, (though I may go to my sister for help when it does come to writing martial arts fights) and though I do and can draw, I do not enjoy the painstaking first outlining, and I tend to burn out before I have finished or just blaze through and let the proportions go out of whack (which is why I lean more towards the more forgiving cartoon and the "artsy").

Also, since I have not have the experience of writing a chapter a week (or whatever deadline I give myself) consistently,I will wait until I have a more comfortable cushion of what's been written and I know where the story's going to go (at least for my first few stories) before actually beginning to publish the chapters.

I also have a crying need for good criticism,(and by good I mean truthful) positive or negative as the case may be. If my writing is bad, I want to know, and you are the ones who must tell me. I'd appreciate specific criticisms so I can see where you are coming from, and so I may either respectfully disagree or remedy the defect. And finally, please refrain from swearing. There are thousands of other words in the English language to chose from, and it does nothing to increase my respect for you.

-I won't have anything up for a while, but that is because I want to be sure I have enough written so I don't burn out on anyone halfway through.

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