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Hi, there. I am a writer of fiction in my spare time. I am not a published writer... yet. A friend recommended me to this site when I was struggling to work up a good make out scene between two male characters in the novel I am writing. My Avatar is from the graphic novel version of the same story. He is one of my two male characters in the couple. I was struggling with the perspective a little. The criticism I found was that it seemed too womanly. I am not a guy so...

It is surprising to me how many women write m/m romance and slash fiction. I guess that it's not any different from my husband tantalizing about two women. But, I have always been told to write what you know and to write about sex between two men would seem a challenge to a woman. With that in mind, I have started my first fanfic. It is a Supernatural fic that starts exactly five days after the end of season eight and I plan to keep at it until I totally run out of ideas or season 9 premieres and blows all my ideas to hell. I am not big on drabble or one shots. And, I do not plan to start several stories and have to juggle them. I want to use this as a way to hone my skills and become more comfortable writing from a man's emotional perspective. And, lets not forget the sex. I will eventually be adding some nice slashy sex scenes to this fic.

Be warned, I ship Destiel and if you don't like it you shouldn't read it. So I understand if you do not care for it. I was considerate enough to put a warning in my summary please be considerate enough to avoid my story if it makes you squeamish. I do however love hearing from other people - writers and readers alike. Feel free to PM me if you have a suggestion or a question or you just want to share your love of Supernatural with another human being.

Note about Blood Brother: I'm sorry if you were enjoying that story. I decided to take it down after I received a surprising amount of backlash. I don't just mean negative reviews. I have noticed on tumbler that dean!benny is gaining an audience. Maybe I'll try again later. Right now the negativity is ditracting me from finishing my Destial fic and working on my original story. Negativity is a serious damper to creativity. It is hard to create when you have someone tell you that you have ruined their day and that they think you are wasting you talents on anything but Destiel. I never said that I was exclusively a Destiel shipper. I think some fans are out and out certifiable. I mean really? Then I realise that most of the fans aren't legal to drink or vote and I have to temper my outrage. Still, leaving Blood Brother up was like a red flag to people I would rather not communicagte with. Usually, I'm cool with messaging. This time I was not. Again, I'm sorry for those who supported the story and liked it. I'm going to work on it still and maybe I'll get it back up later.

Meanwhile: I can be found on Tumbler and AO3 as well as ChickieG.

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