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I always thought the hardest thing someone can ask me is "tell us more about yourself?"now I think the hardest thing is to ask " write us more about yourself?!"

any way I'm Sahba :D

I'm so in love with Hafiz (hafez is the right spelling ) and Molana Rumi. even my name is from Hafez's poem, I guess it's a family crush or something !!!

I love making new friends (feel free to PM me)

I love reading !(obvious? )

I am a big fan of Merlin ! but also sherlock fan!and many other fandoms!!!!!!

one day I will write a fan fiction !!! and no English is not my first language

what more do you want to know about me?

I wish I could show you.

when you are lonely or in the darkness.

the astonishing light of your own being


O breath of life,help me tonight

that in the morn I make a start .

in my love for you, I will

my self and ego twart .


my heart ,

sit only with those who

and understand



I am in a prison

in a cage as tight as my skin .

can't open my wings here

and they pass my cage

"look at this poor thing , lost her mind long ago "

But they don't know where I am

So lost in their best nothings to find me

they forgot bars of this cage so similar to our ribcage long long ago

but whenever I grow , walls of this cage break my skin

remind me

it is living in a mortal frame

chained to my own mortal prison

but one day

I will fly with silkworms

turned to a butterfly !

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