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Lover of Twilight . Dr Who. Harry Potter and Inuyasha . My favorite actors are Matt Smith . Robert Pattinson , Kristen Stewart , Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson Karen Gillian . I only read Edward and Bella . Harry and Hermione . No other ships for me . Harry and Ginny made no sense or does Hermione and Ron . He was a greedy selfish jealous idiot who made Hermione cried throughout her whole time at hogwarts he betrayed Harry too many times to count I don’t know how in the hell JK Rowling thought someone like Hermione would marry someone like Ronald Bilius Weasley (:. And who in their right mind would want Molly Weasley as an in law ?

I thought Dumbledore was a narcissistic moron who raised a child to be a martyr he was not light he was an old evil bigoted man who thought he knew best he thought his knowledge was know all end all and only he the great Dumbledore knows best . He could’ve ended that war if he told everyone who Voldemort was he turned a blind eye to all the corruption going on and let innocent people die all so he could save the guilty. Snape the guilty death eater he got a cushy job as a professor yet he taught nothing did nothing but bully and be a petty ugly bastard . People Make excuses for him and claim that James Potter was a bully well guess what he was a kid and snape was just as bad but unlike Snape James grew up and chose the right side Snape choose to joined the side of evil I don’t care how bad his childhood was Harry’s was worse and so was lupins but they didn’t let it control their whole life they learned to rise above it and do better Snape decided to be petty and mean and abusive to children . It was very convenient that Molly Weasley was there yelling about muggles when Hagrid conveniently left without showing Harry how to get to the platform the train have always left at the same time from the same plaform 9 3/4 Yet a woman with the most kids in hogwarts and who went there herself for 7 years didn’t know not a set up at all . Severus Snape will never be anything but a nasty abusive butthole to me he gave his master the prophecy so he was the cause of the Potters death but somehow that wasn’t enough for him no , he made sure he spent years bullying their child who’s been abused all his life . I’m so tired of the James Potter was a bully excuse , so was Snape only difference was they were both kids and James grew up Snape held onto a grudge for a dead man and used it to bully his child . Harry was a child he was not his father yet he was hated on sight by a grown ass man with a petty grudge but no it was all James Potters fault for being a bully. James made up for his behavior by saving snapes life. If the tables were turned yeah I’m sure the petty hooked nose git would’ve saved

James life . He owed James Potter a life debt and repayed that by having him killed . Don’t worry though he asked his master to spare Lilly because I’m sure after a poor distraught Lilly burys her husband and son she would’ve turned to the death eater that caused their death for comfort . Also very convenient that dumassdore could get the greasy git off by just his word yet the only person that could put a wrench in his plan of Harry killing himself to save a bunch of backwards racists sheeps was left to rot in Azkaban. How did he know to send Hagrid to get Harry ? How did he know Harry was the only one that survived ? Who gave him the right to take Harry and gave him to the Dursley’s ?. Molly Weasley is loud mouth controlling hag and there’s no way you can covince me she didn’t potion Harry and Hermione for her two awful kids . Ginny the fan girl she raised on the promise of one day marrying the boy who live and Moron who’s the greediest most selfish bigoted bully harry was saddled with as a friend quick to be jealous of a boy who was orphaned then spent the first ten years of his life living in a cupboard but no harry was rich and famous so that was wrong in Ron Weasley’s world . He bullied Hermione on day one simply because she was a muggle born he was no better than Malfoy how in the hell a girl who supposed to be the smartest witch in a long while would think a bully would make a good husband he willl spend their whole life being jealous of her and putting down anything he doesn’t like, like her muggle heritage . Arthur Weasley see muggles as nothing more than a science experiment .

The Dursleys should’ve been tarred and feathered .

People who write Dramione FanFiction need their heads examine . Draco Malfoy was a racist bigoted psycopath who hated Hermione because of her blood status how in the hell does that make a great relationship ? She was called a mudblood constantly by him . It’s like if I decided I would marry the boy in school who called me the N word daily .

Jacob Black was one kiss away from rape . He was not meant to be with Bella . He didn’t take no for an answer and Charlie Swan was a horrible father . What kind of father laughs when your daughter tells you she was kissed against her will ?. You are a police officer but because you dislike her chosen mate you turned a blind eye to her sexual asssult It always irked me the Edward Cullen haters who claimed he was too controlling . Seriously the guy was born in Victorian times when men were the head of the family vampires don’t change. Jacob was a manipulator who only thought about what he wanted wether Bella consented or not didn’t matter to him he would take what he wanted . He never imprinted on her so she was not meant for him but he would bad mouth her mate yet she defended him poor Edward the mind reader had to put up with a child and a naive mate who wouldn’t give up her second option . Now Edward is saddled for eternity with the dog that tried to take his mate is now and forever his son- in law . Stephanie Meyers and Jk Rowling had some serious morality issues in thier stories . Now that I’m older and I’m seeing some serious issues that was overlooked . Thank god for fiction writers who can go in and fix their huge screwups .

I am irrevocably in love with Matt Smith . Yep love me the 11th doctor and not one bit ashamed lol. He’s my favorite doctor . Then David Tennant then Chris Eccleston . Favorite companions . Love the Ponds . Amy , Rory and River . Oh the hair :) , Rose Tyler , Donna Noble and captain Jack . I guess Martha is ok And Mickey . I hate Clara Oswald with a burning passion . Sorry but that girl annoys me to no end , every one that goes into the tardis for the first time it’s always the same oh it’s bigger on the inside ! Clara Oswald ! It’s it’s smaller on the outside she just have to be important have to be different . The way she talks to the doctor like he was some kid pissed me off even the tardis hated her guts . She thought her self too important and I couldn’t watch her series ugh . She was not the impossible girl Amy pond was . Grew up with a crack in her wall that stole her parents and her memories . Waited 14 years for the doctor also had a wanted alien living in her home with her for 12 years . Had her husband killed on multiple occasions was put into a deep sleep for 2000 years , her husband was turned into plastic and was made a centurion . She got pregnant and was kidnapped and was replaced with a ganger . She had her baby stolen from her then that baby was raised to be a psychopath to kill the doctor then spent years in prison she and Rory was then killed by the weeping angels so no Miss Clara Oswald or as I call her Forest Gump since she was inserted into the important parts of the doctors life is not the impossible girl more like the annoying moffatt screw up . The doctor called Amy the impossible girl in Flesh and stone . Mad impossible Amy Pond the girl who didn’t make any sense I can just imagine the look on the other companions faces when ms Clara claimed oh I was Born to save the doctor. bitch please ! Insert eye rolling emoji ! They all saved the doctor Rose looked into the soul of the tardis so she could save the doctor . Martha walked the earth to save the doctor. Rose jump through different worlds to save the doctor . Donna poor Donna noble she saved the doctor and the world and won’t even remember it . River gave up all her regenerations to save the doctor she stopped time itself to save the doctor. Amy remembered the doctor into existence after he was erased but no Clara Oswald you are special . Ok my rant is over I’m sure I missed something but oh well .

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