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My name is Rose, and I honestly have no idea what to put up here.
I like fanfiction (obviously), but I don't know if I will ever end up actually writing and posting any.
Also, my current favorite EVERYTHING is Detective Conan/Case Closed ;D

But I guess I'll just give a basic description of myself...

Name: Rose

Occupation: Student

Height: Not very tall

Hair: Long, black, and curly

Eyes: Brown

Birthday: September 27

Likes: Anime, manga, my blanket, reading, relaxing, not moving.

Dislikes: Moving, sweating, being grounded, HOMEWORK, my own procrastination.

Favorite Fandoms: Detective Conan/Case Closed, Fruits Basket, whatever good anime/manga I happen to be watching/reading at the moment, Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human, Gravity Falls.

Favorite Detective Conan Pairings (in no particular order): KaiShin/ShinKai, HeiShin/ShinHei, KaiHaku/HakuKai, HeiHaku/HakuHei, HakuAo, Eisuke/Sera, Takagi/Satou, most of the other canonical pairings...

I can't think of anything else right now, but feel free to ask me!

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