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Jade Catseye
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August 21, 2010

Yeah, its been a while.

I recently learned that several copies of Til Death Do Us Part have been plagiarized. Because of this, and due to the recent spike in plagiarism, I will not be adding chapters to existing stories nor will I be emailing stories, so don't ask. It's unfortunate that talentless morons who think they can steal a story and do nothing but change the names get away with this kind of thing. This is the reason why so many decent stories get pulled and honest readers get the short end of the stick. was the first site I started posting my writing and I've learned and grown since uploading that first chapter of Til Death. The only reason I'm keeping it up is because it's a crappy fic I wrote my freshman year of high school and I don't plan on doing anything further with it in the future.

This is my thanks to all of my wonderful readers and reviewers throughout the years. You guys have been an awesome support system! Thanks for allowing me to flourish and become the writer I am today.


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