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Hi, so this is my profile. I'm new to fanfiction... blah blah blah...

Here is 20 fun (no) facts about me:

1. I reeeally like Victorious.

2. I ship Bade.

3. My favourite character on victorious is Jade.

4. I can thank my friend Roseanna62 (visit her profile if you like Legend of Zelda), for introducing me to FanFiction

5. Music is my life.

6. I am addicted to the sims 3.

7. The sky is a really nice colour at the moment i'm writing this.

8. I live in England.

9. The fact that Victorious has ended (well, it has still got episodes to air in the UK, but i have seen all of them on youtube) has made me very sad...

10. I hate emoticions, e.g. :) :D :p :'( ;)

11. I like the word No.

12. My favourite song is fast car by Tracy Chapman (Go and listen to Liz Gillies's cover of it: amazing)

13. Gillian!

14. I like Oreos


16. *Fact space reserved for favourite Victorious fanfiction writer*

17. I play guitar.

18. I am 13 years old, but 14 this month (may need to change this fact in a few weeks.)

19. #Swag = No.

20. One day i will live in New York and i have no doubts about that.

--PM me people!!--

BADE RANTING TIME! (go away if you don't ship them)

I will carry on shipping them even now the show has ended! I stil re-watch episodes and find new Bade moments! but seriously, i have never seen a kids show that has a relationship with so much dynamic. Also, the relationship is the opposite of cliche and i like their perfect imperfections. Thats how i see their whole relationship: perfect imperfections. Amazing! Liz and Avan have so much chemistry when they play their characters and i love it! I love it, i love it, i love it! Bade Forever And Always!!

Dear Bori fans,

Go away.

Sincerly, I don't like you.

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