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Lady Harley
Joined Apr '13

"Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying!..." The Joker, The Dark Knight

Woman. Old enough to marry, but not old enough to lease a car without having to pay extra insurance :'-( You do the math.

I love classical music but I also like Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rap, and Heavy Metal. Weird mesh of music eh? One CD might contain Rammstein and Mozart!

In fanfiction I'm mostly interested in reading DBZ, Naruto and Lord of the Ring fics and more recently *gasps* Batman. Seriously if you have any Batman recommendations please send them my way. The darker, the better.

As for my own writing, I wrote some DBZ stories a while ago but I don't plan to finish any of them any time soon. I have too many important things on my plate right now and fanfiction is low on my list of priorities. I suppose I can always change my mind but that's very unlikely.

I don't read much fanfics as I used to but I still visit this place from time to time and drop a review or two if I feel like it. About my reviews, I've been told that I can be harsh at times but I always try to be fair. If you have a good fic, be sure that I will praise you. And if there are things I don't like, I will point it out to you.

I'm fluent in German, English, and Spanish. If you want to PM me, pick the languague you feel more comfortable with and I'll be glad to reply to you.


Lady Harley

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