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Ya0iLover PM
Joined Apr '13

Age: 25

Birthday: December 4

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight. If I'm in a guy's body, I probably gay.. HAHAHA

Location: On my bed~ Reading more fan fictions~

STATUS: I hate how every time I find a good story, it hasn’t been updated in forever... -_-

i love reading yaoi -(maleXmale) , BL manga... i dunno why it turns me on.. *nosebleed*

I love read fanfiction. Not just the characters, its the stories that many people created. They create many wonderful stories. I normally read stories here and achieveonourown. (same username) :D

so many fanfiction have i read...

some fanfiction always using the same story..the same plot... so cliche..

uhhh nobody have new ideas around here??.. '_'

i hope somebody make a unique one out of the rest.

hey! send me some link to some best stories , but... it better be a slash story (male/male). :D :P LOL

nowadays, i like reading OC fanfiction.. it's interesting how the OC thrust in the fiction world..and how he/she change it..
but I don't get it how the OC is so smart. like how is the OC in Naruto fanfiction becomes smarter than Shikamaru or Itachi? also why most OC is so brash, rude and swearing.. really? i can guess what age this writer is.. the grammar is like ppffftt.. but i read it anyway because it got good story plot.

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