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05/12-18 "Hello, I'm back! not really.. haven't writing, but reading instead.

but now I'm gonna edit and update again, maybe slowly.."

You must know I'm just a beginner writer AND English is my second language... :)

Gender: Female.

Age: Just a really young grown-up.

Work: Baking.

Hobbies: Reading, Playing games, watching videos, writing, be lazy and be with my cats.

I'm a Lucy-fan, I LOVE her!!!

I'm a Sakura-fan I love her!! (Mostly only in fanfiction) [manga/anime she's ok]

Something I have to say about characters.

EVERYONE is useful and useless in some way or sometimes..

I'm a hater and a lover or neutral to every character I read or watch.

I read about a character who was just a normal person, but everyone else had power or used weapons, she was useless to get rescued nearly every time, yet her will and trust was strong, her useful I thought was the group wanted to get stronger to protect her and get psyched up(she gets their morals and motivation up) [negative and positive about her]

One of my cats is useful to open doors, but useless to close the doors XD.

Must work with my real "stories"... :P

Like I wrote earlier I'm LAZY..

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