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It's Gone...I feel a little upset...But you know what, maybe it's time to throw caution into the wind.

I've always wanted to write a Flinn fanfiction, but then I think: -I'm not creative, I might subconsciously rip something off. -I am not social (Still have friends don't assume) and have no idea if I can take criticism. -I peck type (I only use my pointer fingers) so it takes twice as long to type a single page than most people. -Finally I'm not outgoing.

But you know what...WHY NOT!!!!!!!! The real question is if I can get a story going can I keep it up?

All I Know is I will have a new respect for fanfiction authors when this is over. Not that I don't respect them already.

If or when the story comes, Review...Hit Me With Your Best Shot!!

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