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Hello everyone :D

Well, I am of the human species (as far as I can tell) and am very fond of cats. They are so FLUFFY! Wait what was I talking about? Oh well. Well I am new here and look forward to posting stories, and apologize in advance for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy them and feedback is greatly appreciated. I have actually visited this site many times in the past and thought it was about time I make an account. Also I thought it would be fun to write some stories too. :3

I am also a huge fan of Hetalia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon, How to train you dragon and Black Butler.

My current obsession is Amnesia! I'm about three episodes in as of yet and although I'm still iffy as to what is going on I'm hooked!

Also one last thing. I prefer to complete a story before working on another because I'll feel that if i start another before finishing one then I will be going back and forth wasting more time in finding where I left off in the previous story. I might work on multiple stories but I will try not to.

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