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I am currently working on Love's Never Easy, my thoughts on what a post war love between Hinata and Naruto would be. I have a vision of where they are going to end up but getting there has turned into a far more convoluted journey than I thought it would be. With any luck I shall complete it before my husband commits me.

I'm also currently working on a re-write of a novel that a friend and I published in 2005.

Illness has limited activity in my life for a few years so started watching anime with my son. Manga came next. Now I suffer from a full fledged addiction and fan fiction has become just one more step in my downfall to insanity.

To think it all started with Clannad years ago...

Since then I've managed to work my way through:

Naruto (manga and anime)

Bleach (manga and anime)

Another (anime and live action movie)

Dengeki Daisy (manga)

Say I love You (anime and manga)

Kimi No Iru Machi (manga, still haven't watched the anime)

Code Geass (anime)

Cronos Crusade (anime)

Stardust (manga)

Spice and Wolf (anime)

Vampire Knight (anime)

and so many more.

Fan Fic-wise if I had to recommend favourites I would have to say many but there are certain ones that just keep me waiting for their release. They are all Naruhina as I am truly addicted to the pairing...Hinata Rocks...Naruto's good but Hinata is best!

Naruto Gaimu by GoNxH (the level of Naruhina sweetness is heartwarming but still has some action)

Naruto Gokun by GoNxH (Complete-Naruto Gaimu is the sequel)

Precious People by Serious Sam (action and an amazing story with a cool twist)

White Kunai by Magma823 (More budding Naruhina sweetness with some overlaying nastiness from the world of the ninja)

Beyond Blue Eyes by Fire Inu Princess (Curses and love)

A Reluctant Return by gigiri123 (Bittersweet not quite Naruhina but hoping to see some)

The New Me by onceuponabloodynight (angsty misunderstandings and hope for Naruhina)

The Wind, The Mountain, The Girl, The Tree and The Boy by Phoenix's Moon (Just plain angsty but beautifully written)

Wait WHAT! by Aqua Zodiac (A marriage and not to Naruto...I'm hoping for a blonde to wake up)

Saving Us by Futago-za07 (Abuse, incest, learning to trust. Definitely adult)

Broken Innocence by BrokenAuthor (this one has some fairly graphic adult material-read with caution)

By Your Side by YungHime (Post Sakura/Naruto breakup Naruhina)

Walking Past You by kawaiiIsa-chan (changing oneself to avoid heartbreak but still heartbreaking)

Breaking Point by CherryXButterfly (Hinata and postwar depression - heartbreaking)

Where They Belong by Statchar (Romance and recovery after the 4th war)

There's so many more...I will post as I put the list together. Maybe it'll help you with your own reading list.

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