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Hi guys! To those who have heard my pen name before, then you might know who I am. Yes, I roleplay at a certain site. And many new animes have been created and I've also loved K Project, KHR, and such.

I'll be making SnK fanfic! And I'm so sorry if the characters seemed OOC, I tried my best! Please don't bite me!((Pairing: RiRen or EreRi))

And same goes for K Project ((Pairings: SaruMi or MiSaru)) But I might not update some of them for a very long time. Don't worry, at least it's not as long as a year. But the reason I may have not updates them for a while is because of:

-Swimming life



-I'm an idiot and I forgot

Please try some of my stories, I would be very glad! And please do review or PM me on advises on making my writing piece better or if there are any error.

And thanks for following me! =.=

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