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Um... Hello.

Sorry about that half-hearted greeting, I deal with crippling social problems (I have a past with selective mutism), and not just because I am in my teenage years.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be writing a lot on here, but I do have an idea for an Ib fanfic. In fact, two of them.Sometime in the next few months, expect to see two stories called "Hollow Doll" and "Forgotten Doll" posted. There are several things I have to say about them:

1: You may recognize the name's being mentioned before by use, "DisillusionName," who had previously been writing them with me and was going to post them, but now is moving to another country and cannot write them any longer. She was posting them before because of my, again, social problems, and now I will be posting them. Sorry if I seem a little shifty when sending messages to you guys if need be. If you don't believe what I am saying at the moment, you can send her a message. I'm sure she'll have time to at least answer with one word.

2: If you don't know what "Ib" is, then Google it. Google solves everything. In short, it's a horror RPG game that I and quite a few other people are obsessed with about a young girl named Ib being sucked into a painting and into a demonic realm named, "The Fabricated World."

3: The two stories are mirroring stories in a sort of... well, I was going to say "series" but they're to be released, and updated, at the same times. Please, if you think of what it would be, feel free to say something about it. Anyway, they are both part of the "Mirroring Epilogues" series that will be comparing two different versions of Ib. One will be Ib nine years after leaving the gallery with the "Promise of Reunion" ending, and the other of Ib one year after the "Ib All Alone" (the one with her mother) ending, except time is different in the Fabricated World, considering that Ib and Garry had been there for what felt like a day or so when it had actually been a much shorter time, so Ib will have experienced ten years. I do not want to crush the hopes and dreams of all IbxGarry fans, but there will be no romance in these stories simply because it doesn't fit in with the plot. Both stories will be showing the two different Ibs reunited with Garry and having to fight their ways out of the Fabricated World once more. Some scenes will be very similar with slightly different dialogue, and some will have the same lines and yet be in different scenarios.

God, my head hurts from getting into their psychology.

Have fun reading in the future, and, for now, don't do anything stupid.

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