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Hello there, TL here :)

Originally I never intended to write, I only created this account to keep track of all the amazing stories out there.

But then, over a year some time ago, I started my first story *Yaayy*! Since then I'm addicted.

Err, yeah - I suppose you could say I have an unhealthy obsession with antagonist-pairings (if that is even a word lol). Just kidding, I totally have that obsession...well, damn.

p.s: English is not my first language, so forgive me any horrible mistakes I might make. Everything I write is only proofread by me and my program's spellcheck. Feel free to laugh about them ;P

I don’t suffer from insanity. I am enjoying every minute of it.

Rebuilt: is my first fanfic and the main focus of my attention. It started with no concept whatsoever and evolves spontaneuosly. It's quite plotty, which I enjoy but also means I have to think (imagine the horror) before writing something.

Russian Translation by Akihiko-san (if link doesn't work: www . fanfics . me/index.php?section=3&id=72537)

German Translation by Nici Barru (if link doesn't work: www . fanfiktion . de/s/55369a210002e26d8429bfb/1/Rebuilt)

Czech Translation by zamik

Polish Translation by Disharmonie

French Translation by Lulu Crapibou

Blurring Reality: was created because it was determined to never let me sleep if I didn't write it right now. If you have any knowledge about dancing, I suggest you run and hide. The only knowledge I have about ballet is from movies, meaning I have no clue what I'm doing here. I'm talking wrong terms, joints that bend in the other direction and descriptions of choreography that will probably only make sense in my own head.

French Translation by Sedinette Michaelis

Polish Translation by Panna Mi

Russian Translation by fukame (if link doesn't work: ficbook . net/readfic/4964727)

Set the Sails & Let's start the show: two of a handful of stories that were born in one single weird writing spree that accumulated a terrifying amount of words on my pc within a few days. I'm not promising anything even resembling regular updates.

Polish Translation (LstS) by Disharmonie

Russian Translation (StS) by AkiraUmi (if link doesn't work: ficbook .net/readfic/6254356)

French Translation (StS) by Claire-de-Plume

All stories can also be found on AO3 Terrific_Lunacy. And if you want to stalk me further you'll find me on tumblr @terrific-lunacy. Fanart will also be posted there.

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