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I now have my own Blog! Go to https: // witcherxgot .blog for constant updates and news!

We have a forum page now on Fanfic! I'd like it if my readers would chat, debate and share theories on my Witcher/GoT crossover. Fanfic Forum Link

Its out at last! Fan Ramen has just released their podcast featuring my fanfic! Its a 46 minute long episode on the Fury of the Melee chapter. They put a lot of effort into it, so please go check it out. Sadly I can't link it on my profile, but simply check the link out in the Fanfic Forum Discussion page or simply search for Fan Ramen White Wolf of Westeros podcast on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Also I'd like to give a big promotion to Fan Ramen by telling everyone about them. Fan Ramen is a nonprofit podcast dedicated to promoting fanfiction stories on Youtube, Soundcloud and other online sources. Their two talented voice actors and their editor who read a chapter of a fanfic that is suggested to them. I worked with them for a few weeks planning out the episode for my fanfic and I can say they are a friendly and professional group! So if any writers are interested at the chance for their story to be promoted, check out their website for the details on submitting or suggesting a story.

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What I do:

Hello everyone! My name is Drake Cross and I feel it's time to share a bit more about myself along with my plans for my current crossover.

For one I know that my current fanfic The White Wolf of Westeros, a Witcher and Game of Thrones crossover, has become very popular recently. I'll admit I started this on just an urging since I've been binge watching Game of Thrones recently and replaying the Witcher games. The idea clicked in my head and here we are. I can say no one online has tried to do a complete crossover like this, introducing Geralt and Ciri into the Game of Thrones then playing out how their personalities and abilities would change the overall story. Also to a degree I would mix the best aspects of the show and the books together, sort of expand certain side stories, avoid certain mistakes and other things. This means I'm spending a lot of time rewatching the show, studying the books and searching dozens of pages on wikis.

General Questions:

Because I've been getting a lot of comments, private messages and forum posts on certain questions, I felt I should set some clear answers when it comes to my writing.

Will you do a crossover of Witcher and (insert fandom)?: No. A lot of people have been requesting a lot of anime styled crossovers with the Witcher setting, but that isn't in my interest. While I enjoy anime and manga, I don't feel comfortable mixing to it with a setting like the Witcher. It doesn't fit my writing style or interest. I like writing detailed and cohesive stories that blend more naturally together when it comes to settings and characters. Also I'll write what I want to write and if anything encourage those with such crossover ideas to do the same.

Will you have Yenn/Triss/Witcher character in the White Wolf of Westeros?: Beyond references in conversation, Geralt's close companions will not be involved in the crossover. Yenn and Triss alone would trivialize much of the story with their magic. Overall this is meant to be a story focused on Geralt's and Ciri's actions along with the already quite large cast of characters in Game of Thrones.

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