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I am the original MoonlitSorrows! I have been a member of Fanfiction.net since 2007. I haven't been on this sight in a while and I was unable to retrieve my password for this account and the email I created it with. On one hand I'm upset that fanfic support couldn't give me access to my original account but at the same time its understandable. So now I had to make a new one obviously. I love stories. If I really like yours I will write a review however I do not publish my own stories because I'm too self conscious of it.

I will NEVER give rude or "destructive" criticism, as we all know words are a powerful thing. If you have felt that I have written a rather rude review then I am sorry. I sincerely did not mean to come across that way, sometimes I feel frustrated that people have really creative ideas and they just waste it because they don't care about grammar or want to hurry and post the chapter. I too struggle with grammar and structuring when it comes to sentences or plots, etc.

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