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Well I guess I started writing again, hopefully this time around I remember to check my grammar.


The Bounty Hunter: A story revolving around Hiram Neondasher and his secrets, his interactions with fellow criminals, and his impact on the canon story. 21 arcs are planned, 10 with influences in canon, 11 completely original.

Unexpected Romance: For any fans of this story I am sorry to say that I will not be continuing it, for more amazing AangxAzula ship writing please look to sablefalls whom helped me immensely while writing this one

This is Where We Divide: Currently there is no continuation planned.

Original Characters

Hiram Neondasher - Oktarian Bounty Hunter whom is currently leeching off of Luna Drusk, but he's not your run of the mill assassin with no morals...check out his story to see how long he can keep his secret away from everyone else.

Lyna Drusk - Correllian Smuggler, and one if the best pilots of outer and inner rims alike. Hiram would know...more on how they met to come later in the story!

Lok'tar Ogar - Cudru-Ji Bounty Hunter, coming soon to a story near you ;)

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