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Hello, greetings, hi, 你好, etc.

I mostly write things for obscure Chinese cartoons that almost no one has heard of, but I do like plenty of other books/series, including but not limited to the ones covered in my Favorites section. I write short things, mostly because I lack the commitment required for longer stories.

Anyway, here is some information about the main cartoons I write about! (in no particular order) (that's a lie: they're arranged in the order that I discovered them). This is an extremely limited amount, but I might put up more detailed summaries and random info about characters in the form of a story.

我为歌狂: Music Up

Summary: Felix Young and Tyler Chen- two musically talented, insanely popular high-school students, as well as rivals to the death. Tyler, with his friend Aaron Gilbert, comes up with the idea to create a band- and that's exactly what they do. They are joined by the Korean transfer student Cookie, and, eventually, Felix (extremely reluctantly) joins as well. They encounter numerous difficulties, including lack of money, unsupportive parents and teachers, and even romantic issues, but together they conquer those troubles and prove that dreams can come true!

Favorite Character: Felix's pig! Human-wise, I like Cookie. He's just so young and innocent... also because no one cared that he brought this huge knife that looked about nine inches long to school...

Favorite Line from Opening: 手舞足蹈别怕人笑 (just dance, don't be afraid of laughter)

Status: Complete, 52 episodes of 22 min

战龙四驱: Go For Speed

Summary: Two years ago, the genius Fei won the minicar Nationals- and then, he disappeared, with only a short note telling why. Now, his brother Dragon follows in his footsteps, designing and creating his own minicars to compete in the tournaments- C, B, A, Nationals, and in the end, the Asia Tournament. Along the way, he meets many people, makes friends and enemies, and finds his brother- and the reason why he left. (there are actually a lot of sub-plots, but that's basically what it's about...)

Favorite Character: Kevin! Because he's really nice and understanding but he's actually good at racing, and because of that one time where he completely owned K but still managed to not be a jerk about it. Non-jerks are difficult to find among the better racers... Interestingly enough, his English name is actually officially Kevin, which is what I thought his English name would be. He looks like a Kevin... Also Fei/X of course, who's incredibly smart and talented (and witty too).

Favorite Line from Opening: 斗志在燃烧 力量无尽无穷 (The fighting spirit flares, the power is limitless) since the melody at that point is cool and they have a well-timed picture of X at the cliff place, and 我好比飞龙 (so I can rival a flying dragon) because I find it funny because "飞龙" could refer to "flying dragon" but it could also refer to the two brothers, Fei and Dragon since those are their names.

Favorite Line from Ending: 终点一直就在面前, 别再犹豫和心乱 (the finish line is just in sight, don't falter or be distracted)

Status: Complete, 64 episodes of 22 min

弹珠传说: Danzhu Legend

Summary: This is a world where people have Danzhu battles- competitions involving channeling your energy into Shooters to launch marble-like Danzhu at targets. These objects have great power, but, so far, no one has decided to take advantage of it. Until now. Five children (Felix, Leo, Jacques, Alice, David) are destined to become the Defenders- wielders of the Five Legendary Shooters. They train, have battles, make friends, and, ultimately, defeat the evil threatening the land.

Favorite Character: Either Lie or Jacques. Lie because I'm a sucker for stories like his and Jacques because he's strong, cool, awesome, has a quote list on his page on baike, and really, who doesn't like him?

Favorite Line from Opening: 让勇气为我们插上翅膀 (let bravery give us wings). Also its counterpart, 让我们在黎明处奔跑 (let us run freely in the dawn)

Status: Complete, 52 episodes of 22 min

开心宝贝: Happy Heroes

Summary: Somewhere in space, there is a planet where humans, robots, and aliens (at least, people from different planets) live together - Planet Xing. Two people from a different planet are sent to try and conquer this planet. With them, they have five stones with the immense power to give an object life as well as a lot of energy- but then they lose the stones. The genius mechanic Doctor Zhai finds them and revives the five Heroes from them- Kai, Hua, Chu, Tian, and, later, Xiao. The Heroes work together to protect the planet from evil!

Favorite Character: Chu, who is so freaking adorkable, and his incredible determination is so admirable. Especially that one episode in season 3 where he carved the reminder into his skin so he wouldn't forget that he had to save his friends, and in one episode in season 8 the reminder he writes himself is simply "The others believe in me. I won't let them down." Also Xiao (of course), because of his "coolness" and the fact that he likes solving rubik's cubes and the fact he's actually really caring; and thoughtful; and Kalo, who looks awesome and has an awesome English name that I've decided to use, and is just so incredibly amazing in every way and sniff..., and Little Guai, who is just so idiotically hilarious that he deserves a place on this list. Huohaha as well, who's just such a cute villain in the way he cares so much for others (Too bad he got such a generic ending).

Favorite Line from Opening: 穿越时空,回到这梦想的地方!(traverse the skies, and we can return to this place of dreams) Also 闯一闯,让我们闯一闯,我们志气要比天还高 (go for it, let's just go for it, our goal is set higher than the sky) and 宇宙很大,任飞翔,满载欢乐,回航 (the universe is quite a place to roam, save some joy for the trip home) (I like it mostly because of the awesome key change (which sadly I am not musical enough to know from which key to which it was) and at that part in the first seven seasons they showed the mysterious/evil character(s))

Status: Ongoing, 8 seasons, 404 episodes of 15ish min. Season 9 to be released this summer

星游记: Rainbow Sea

Summary: Years ago, a man dressed in all red made a declaration to the universe: behind the largest black hole was a mysterious place called Rainbow Sea, a place where any dream could be fulfilled. Enchanted by the descriptions, people from across the universe joined the man in red in his journey. Unfortunately, no one ever returned. Rainbow Sea was scoffed at as a myth and a lie. The man in red was cursed, nicknamed by people as the Red Demon. The sinister organization known as the Galactic Eyes sealed off the planet where the Red Demon had come from, Earth, forbidding any ships from entering or leaving. Now, ten years later, the Red Demon's son Maidang has reached adolescence and is determined to fulfill the pinky promise made to his father before he left: reunite with him at Rainbow Sea.

Favorite Character: Hm. Diya's fantastic, of course. I also very much like Milong and his backstory and he'd better join their crew in season 2

Favorite Line from Opening: I really love the animation of the opening, and basically all of the lyrics... 星空下流浪的你 (you, wandering beneath the stars) and 没有脚印的光年 (a light-year without footsteps)

Status: Ongoing, recently revived. 1 season, 26 episodes of 22 min. Season 2 to be released this year, PV to be released end of July

Comments on Shipping:

Generally, I dislike romance and romantic stories, and, as such, I generally have no opinions on pairings. Most of the time, I agree with whatever canon is, but don't actually "ship" it.

There are exceptions, however. Mostly for the obscure things that I write about that no one has heard of, since they deserve a bit of attention.

Royai and Edwin (FMA)

ShikaTema (Naruto)

飞曼 (Fei/Mai) (Go for Speed)

Basically any of the five big pairings from Danzhu Legend: (just English) Jieke/Mei, Jieke/Zala, Feng/Mei, Feng/Leihuo, Leihuo/Lie

伽小 (Kalo/Xiao, probably my otp) and 粗甜 (Chu/Tian) (Happy Heroes). Actually I could probably ship almost everything from that show, but those two are my favs

Cookie/Dong (Music Up; the others are okay too (and probably more interesting to most, but oh well))

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