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Werde Spinner PM
Joined Apr '13

Y'know, at one time I had the energy to be sarcastic at the thought of someone actually checking out my profile, but now I don't. So here: Catholic INTJ German-American chemist who may or may not be an asexual dragon masquerading as a mad scientist. Also with too many opinions about fandoms of which she doesn't even consider herself a member. Single? Taken? No, in a relationship with SCIENCE!

Life motto: You must fight the left-handed quantum snake.

Spinner, signing out.

My Tumblr: You are by no means obliged to check it out. Warning: Here be lots of silliness and wailing and flailing over various fandoms.

I'm tempted to make a Tumblr for Sea Dragon (bc I have a LOT to say about it), but that would require, y'know, cranking chapters out on a semi-regular basis and actually having enough people interested in it to justify such an undertaking. Which ain't happening any time soon. Whoops.

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