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--Below these line are the plots stuck in my head that want out. If you value your sanity, do not read.--

Fairy Tail
- The Broken Looking Glass (1st chapter already out there but still festering in my head): Basically its what would happen if the Earthland and Edolas characters switch worlds. I thought it would be interesting to see how the Edolas versions of the characters would face those issues, plus Knightwalker and scary Lucy. Plus the basis is more open to having the post-time skip(version) characters appear early on and to OCCing those whose other selves weren't shown. I already have the first chapter on the site for adoption and even have some of the second already typed to help give a rough idea of what it could be like. (I have been really busy lately and haven't been able to update, plus like I said, "the ideas won't leave me alone to let me focus on my other story)
Pairing: undecided

- King of Burning Judgment: After Natsu first goes searching for Igneel, he gets captured by Tartarus. As they are commencing the demon morphing on him, Grimoire Heart arrives and when Zancrow decides to bang against the wall of the container, Natsu breaks loose and devours his flames. At the start of the canon story, Hades has sent Natsu to go to Fairy Tail to keep an eye on Lumen Histoire. Darker and rather OP Natsu and powered up Happy.
Pairing: leaning towards Ultear, possibly Angel.

- Where There's Smoke and Mirrors, There's Fire: As a contrast to Natsu having OP magic, this what would happen if he couldn't use magic at all and failed to become a Dragon Slayer. Instead, he relies on various magical items to fight. Possible gaining a type of magic at the end of the Tower of Heaven arc.
Pairing: undecided

-Not Working Title: Instead of learning magic from Igneel, Natsu was taught by Ur.
Pairing: Cracked! XD

-Fairy Tail Retold: Via the Eclipse Gate, using Chronos's power over time or some other method for time travel, E.N.D. Natsu traveled back to before Zeref became the Black Wizard of Death and fulfilled his purpose of taking his life. Without Zeref's influence, the timeline has changed dramatically.

As far as base canonical changes would go, I've got...
-No Dragonslayer plan because of no gate in that series of events and no talk with Zeref and Igneel.
-Mavis and the others were never taught by Zeref and never get "Law" (meaning Yura possibly died after being possessed by the Tenrou Jade)
-Mavis was never cursed, thus Precht never had that reason to research the One magic and become Hades.

-Eileen never got her human form back.
-Erza and the others were never taken to the tower to revive Zeref.
-Gray's and others families were never killed by Deliora, never met with Ur for that reason or have her us Iced Shell.
-Layla never died from opening the gate because of thing #1.
-And with no Zeref influence, no 3 head guilds of the Balaam alliance.

One necessity if that, while the Natsu who traveled back fades out of existence, the present timeline's Natsu still exists because we can't have a story without Natsu. No definite magic in mind for Natsu. He could be still be alive as either a result of some later phenomenon that resurrected him or as a type of paradox-backlash for changing time.

-E.N.D. of the World: Natsu is E.N.D. through out the series and leader of Tartaros. 400 hundred years ago, fighting a losing battle, Tartaros uses the Eclipse Gate to escape to x784. Now E.N.D. will lead Tartaros in the revival of being the Demon King.

-No Working Title: Before the dragons can enact their plan for the dragonslayers, Igneel is confronted by Irene in distraught dragon state. Not having the time to go into a full fight with her and seeing that having the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic would be advantageous to their cause, Igneel offers her deal. He will perform the Dragon Soul Technique with, thus creating the antibodies needed to return her to her human body, granted it will take some time for them to take effect due to her dragon seed already spreding. In exchange, in that time, she is to find a new way for Natsu to use his magic without turning into a dragon himself. (As for how this new way can go, what comes to mind are either transferring his Fire DS magic into a sword, a branched off form like "Phoenix Dragon Slayer" or "'Something' Fire Dragon Slayer" or "Fire Dragon 'Something'", or uses a transformation device to enter a state where he can us his magic.

-No Working Title:

--Possible Secondary Themes in Stories:

-Evil Erza: What would happen if Erza was the one 'possessed by Zeref' instead of Jellal.

-Denied Freedom: What would happen if Erza wasn't allowed by Jellal to leave the tower at the end of the rebellion, or if the rebellion never happened.

One Piece

-A Voyage Through Deception (A rough idea I had before): Instead of the Gum-Gum fruit, Luffy ended up eating the Nise-Nise(Fake-Fake) fruit, allowing him to manipulate St Elmo's fire to cast illusions and direupt to effect other Devil Fruits have on their opponent's bodies. Luffy could be apart of the Revolutionary Army, he could recruited by the Doflamingo Family, whichever backstory works best for the pairing you choose.

-Devil's Fruit Basket: We are all familiar with how the Straw Hats fight when in battle, Devil Fruit users using their Devil Fruit abilities and the others focusing on their own weapons and developed skills. Now... imagine if the Devil Fruit users never had their abilities and the other had their own Devil Fruits. Luffy punching with non-rubber fists and Zoro adding more flare to his swordsmanship. For characters like Brook and Chopper, Brook could either be left alive as an old afro man or a Thriller Bark zombie brought back to life with his original shadow and Chopper could be instead be a Reindeer Mink.

-Romance Dawn (Some bigger changes in this one): Going back on the existence of Devil Fruits being different than what they originally were in the beginning, in this, the abilities of the Devil Fruits are instead a fourth form of Haki, Devil's Haki: one that manifests as a result of the person's natural skills and/or interests (if any HunterxHunter fans think this seems familiar, its basically Hatsu of Nen). With this, normal Devil Fruit abilities can be further expanded, lose the swimming weakness (but not the seastone, as to have a way to restrain the users), and have other characters using abilities similar to others and some with secondary abilities they trained to get. Also, for the sake of a large harem option, some minor/large changes for the Mink, Merfolf/Fishmen, and Giants.

-The Minks would be a tribe of humans who are all adept at Zoan Devil's Haki.

-Merfolk/Fishmen would be human's with a Devil's Haki that mainly lets them breath under water. For their history of discrimination, surface dwellers who viewed them as angels of the sea created the dramatized image of them as merfolk, and those who viewed them as savage beasts as Fishmen. While not constant for everyone, they are able to take on their Merfolk/Fishmen appearances, as either a sign of pride or as a means to intimidate and exploit the fear humans have of them.

-Gaints for the most part stay the same. The only difference is that their Devil Haki affinity lets them shrink to normal human size because... HOW DO HALF-GIANTS HAPPEN!? SERIOUSLY!!! ITS MORE CONFUSING THN MERFOLKS!!!

Fairy Tail X Highschool DxD

-The Thirteenth Longinus/Gold (Harem) Dragon King: Set in the DxD universe, Natsu is your typical hyperactive brawler who acts as the hired muscle of the perverted trio to protect them from when they get caught peeping in exchange for food. While minding his own business in the park one evening, he spots Issei on his date with his new girlfriend, following after them to find out the girl is actually a Fallen Angel. Seeing its time for action, Natsu rushes over to save the pervert from the assailant, only to end up getting killed himself. It's from that point he's brought back to life where Devils exist, he's surrounded by beautiful women, and he is the holder of the sacred gear housing the spirit of the Gold Dragon, Fafnir.

Concepts in the story-

-Natsu's Sacred Gear: As stated before, Natsu will have the power of Fafnir. In addition to the Balance Breaker Armor, his sacred gear's abilities will include storing of object (treasures Fafnir has collected over time, items Natsu personally stores in there, and functioning like Requip) and creating magical swords/beasts from dragon magic, similar to Sword Birth(Demon weapons), Blade Blacksmith(Holy weapons), and Annihilation Maker(magical beasts).



If you read this, hopefully this won't fester in your head

You were warned!

If anyone actually decides to take any of these up, pm me some I can read them and possible provide details stuck in my head.

And if you are interested in even more story ideas, check out the account "Natsu is Awesome". He has plent of ideas for some great stories.


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