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Toy Hideyoshi PM
Joined Apr '13

gender: male

hobbies: hanging out with friends

Name: Hunter

Nickname: none

From: the Black Forest Germany

Hobbies: star gazing

Body Type (Athletic, Lean, Skinny...): like humphrey but a bit bigger

Style ( The way they like things..): neat and tiedy

Fur Color: black with white eres, tail and paws

Eye Color: One cyan eye and one gold eye

Facial Feats: different colored eyes

Personality: nice kind loving understanding strong brave patient outlasting comforting and non violant

Act Towards the others: kindly unless threatens

Family: non living

Likes: to hunt , mate search, and to play
Dislikes: fighting, seeing pain and watching others fight

Strengths: VERY sneaky
Weaknesses: smaller body size

Friends: Tring to make some

Enemies: no particular ones

What will they talk about?: their like dislikes and interests

Crush?: none unless requested

Will they end up in a relationship?: who knows

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