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Hey I am 23 years old, a women;) From Australia and love my comics & anime! I love the DC universe. I have always loved superheros, batman, teen titans ect. I was also a massive fan of TMNT growing up and pretty much anything nerdy.

I love, books, movies, tv shows, comics, anime, anything and everything with a good story line! Not really sure what else to say, but I am one of those people who is always up for talking about nerdy anything really.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, but also Cass, not too sure about Steph though) is my favourite DC character. I love most of the Bat-family. Tim Drake/Robin/Red Robin also being another big one!

Yes I am one of those lame people who constantly loves pairing Batgirl and Nightwing/Robin (Richard Grayson).

Hawkgirl (the version from the animated cartoons) is another favourite of mine, but I am not a massive fan of her and Hawkman, so I haven't thought about getting their comics.

I love characters who can stand on their own.

But saying that I like team dynamics the best. I find it more interesting, I believe you can get a better understanding of the characters that way.

I have recently started writing, it might sound silly but I used to hate it as I had trouble reading and writing growing up. I never read a whole novel until year 12, then suddenly I got into reading. It was a massive surprise for me, but still I never thought I would ever want to write anything. Then I found fanfiction, loved reading everyone's stories but always felt I would love to tell a story of my own. Then one day I decided stuff-it, if everyone else was brave enough to give it a go, what was my excuse? So I started and I was very surprised to see how relaxing and exciting it can be; I sound like a child I know! But I grew up fearing english-class, always avoiding writing anything, always embarrassed about how behind I was. Now, I am excited to see what other people think, I want to improve my skills and push myself to do better, so hopefully if anyone actually reads this, please give me your feedback on my stories.

Let me know how you would do it, as I value your opinion. Also if there is something like grammar that is annoying you, but you don't want to be rude, just do it! I would very much appreciate it as it is all a learning experience and I can't improve unless I know what I am doing wrong, or what I could do better. :)

And if you do and you would also like me to give my opinion about anything you have written just send me a message, I am more than happy to let you know my thoughts! Just be warned, I will tell you what I honestly think as I don't see how always giving good feedback is helpful (I will say it in a nice way though so don't be scared!).

I will be studying animation this year, and I am also doing an online creative writing course! (Which I am struggling with atm, so if you want to be a study buddy with me let me know! haha)
So, if you are also doing the same thing and have some advice, or just want to talk about anything at all just send me a message! :) I guess, it is good to make connections now, so idk, if in the future who knows what could happen!!! :D

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