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I'm Onyx, and I'm floating in deep space. I'm a gamer and an otaku. That's all you need to know about me.

Though i have an entire archive of dozens of different series, there are a few things that stick out for me: OTPs (Original or official true pairing) to be exact.

My OTPs. Top of the list!

1. SM: Rei/Jadeite (Because these two hot heads are either going to end up burning each other to a crisp, or demonstrating new and creative ways to keep warm *wink wink*)

2. ATLA: Sokkla (Because though there's no way in hell it could happen in canon, it's very very real in fanfiction. Next to Rei/Jadeite this is my obsession)

3. TT: BBRae (Because they had too much development and interaction to NOT be a couple by the end of it all - I don't hate Terra, per se, but i do believe that BB belongs to Rae)

4. SNS: Yuji/Hecate (Because Yuji-Shana, though i have no issues with it, is too mainstream. Besides, this is fanfiction and it's cute to imagine the stoic Supreme Throne in love)

5. AMG: KeiichixBelldandy (Because they might as well have been married from the get go, they're too deep to just be a couple)

6. ES: RentonxEureka (Because these two, like K and Bell above might as well have been married after they figured out how the other felt - they're just too damn cute.)

7. SW-KOTOR: Male RevanxBastila (Because they're canon, they're cute and it's fun to see how other writers shape their relationship)

8. KP: RonGo (Because much as i adore Kim, Shego is WAY hotter and seeing her interact with the goofball sidekick always makes me smile. We need more of this pairing!)

9. CG: CluClu (Because a warlock and a witch belong together, that's why! And AUs can definitely make this possible)

10. Fallout: LWxSarah Lyons (Because Sarah would've been great as a companion/love interest but alas, we are stuck with canon. We need more stories of this pairing!)

11. AGK: TatsumixEsdese/Esdeath (Because the ice queen deserves her mate, and i will fight you on that!)

12. Freezing: KazuyaxSatellizer (Because either these two need to hurry up and kiss already in the manga, or someone needs write more stories about them!)

13. SM: Sailor SenshixShitennou (Because it's not fair that their charges find their love again and they don't!)

14. SW: LukexMara (Because our lovable farmboy deserves his imperial princess!)

OTPs I do NOT ship. Top of the list!

1. Anything yuri (Actually, i can read yuri so long as it's not smut)

2. Anything Yaoi (This also applies to Shouen-ai and all that - I will NEVER support any pairings in this orientation.)

3. Incest (Because it's just wrong. Like making out with what you with what you could've been)

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