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well everyone my name is nick and im 20 years old from new jersey, i can really describe myself by calling me a lone wolf type of guy.

Who's your favorite charecter?


Have you put the movie on your iPhone/iPod/ or iPad?

No, but I do have it on my laptop

Who introduced you to the movie?

I saw a preview of it on a movie awhile back

What do you predict for the characters in the future?

Another pack doesn't agree with the western and eastern pack getting rid of the law that stopped alphas and omegas from being mates

Who’s your favorite Alpha?

kate or hutch

Who’s your favorite girl?


Who’s your favorite guy?


What’s your favorite line from the movie?

"They want you big wolves to make lots of little wolves"

What’s your favorite argument between any of the characters?

Maybe the one in Idaho when they disagree on staying to "Repopulate"

Is this one of your favorite movies?

By far.

What do you think of the casting on the show?

i think the cast they picked was perfect

Do you watch it religiously?

Seeing how I watch it atleast 3 times a week i could say i do lol

Do any of your friends watch it?

Besides you guys, nope.

If you could be any character who would it be?

I would be garth because he gets lilly

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