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Hi! :) - I'm Missy. I've been reading here on for about a year & a 1/2 now, & I'm hopelessly addicted. I'm, unfortunately not a fanfiction writer, although I do write my own stuff; poems, short stories & such. But that's not why I'm here. I decided to make myself a little home here @ ff, because I love it so much, & am so in love w/ many writers. Your talent just blows me away, & I adore getting lost in your stories. - I'm 41 yrs old. (yikes!) :) That's ok, I'll take every birthday that comes my way, very gladly.. I have 2 teenagers, a boy & a girl. Obviously, that's where my heart is. - I work in the service industry. Been in restaurants since I was 16. Currently, I work as a manager, & still wait tables, too, @ a sweet lil place here in my hometown. I've battled addiction to presription pain pills/thankfully, I'm in recovery, so this is my new addiction... 41 yr old woman absolutely giddy over these stories. lol... Aw wells! :) -- So, I really just thought it was about time I just say hi. I'm not privy to the inner workings & interactions here, because I've just been reading silently for so long, but I'd like to start leaving reviews & listing my favorite authors. So, heLLo, everyone! I'm happy to be here. I love love LOVE it here!!!

-- My favorite stories when I first started reading here were Canon Pre-Twilight, & Canon Post Breaking Dawn. I thought I wasn't too crazy about AH or AU, but the talent here is so amazing that I've been sucked into some really great & captivating stuff, so I'm more open to them now. In fact, I'm WIDE open to ALL stories now. I mean, seriously... the talent here is ridiculous!!! -- In the most bestest way possible. I am truly, TRULY blown away by u amazing authors.

-- Thank you all so much for sharing your work.

Also wanna say that I USUALLY find stories completed (not always/waiting on updates is YiKeS!! :))-- Anyway, so w/ the completed stories, I hope I'm not a major pain reviewing almost each chapter as I read, even if a fic has looooong been completed. -- I read for so long without saying a word, that now I just can't help myself. The writing & the emotions I get caught up in are just too amazing for me to keep quiet. :))

Review replies mean just as much to me as reviews mean to authors. I seriously appreciate when u take time out to drop me a line. It makes me feel great because I know how busy u are.

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