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Jasmine Scarthing
Joined Apr '13

Hi. I'm Jasmine, but I have deleted my stories and locked my PMs. I realized that I was never going to update my TDFR fic, and it isn't fair to any of you to leave you.hanging that way. I'm sorry. I am.

I may write Annie Gaylewood again, but only as an original character in an original story. Her backstory,. if I do so, may have some changed, but the gist will be the same.

I will come back to.this account when I want to write fanfiction again. So I am just on hiatus. A long hiatus.

If you don't hate me and still want to see my work, check out my FictionPress and Wattpad accounts, the usernames of which I will post later.

I will still review.

Thank you. Goodbye.

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