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IcySneasel PM
Joined Apr '13

Hey Im Chip.

I am a huge fan of Pokemon and its fanfictions on here. I enjoy reading advanceshipping stories but every now and then I will read some of the others.

I am a big reader so I am always reading something, but I am not much of a writer I have ideas but not really the talent to write. I may write my own story someday staring my pokemon OC, Chip Vogal. For now I will just continue to read the great stories I find on here. If you want someone to take a look and review your stories don't hesitate to PM me.

Favorite Pokemon: any Dark types, especially Absol and Sneasel

Favorite Games: Minecraft, Pokemon, Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed

Favorite Books: Percy Jackson Series and Heros of Olympus, Rangers Apprentice, Harry Potter

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