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Hi, as you know my name is Pippa and i really don't know what else to say :D

I just made an account couple of weeks ago and i've lost all my studing time only to read fanfics, thank you very much !

But as i dont know what else to say about my self i'll talk abot all the fanfics i've been reading

They're awesome !! I had never been interest in fanfics until i read one based on adventure time, then i started looking for movies and now i'm pretty sure i've read almost every single fanfic of rise of the guardians !

I'll be writting one on my own soon (to many tests) But for now i'll just keep telling people how great their stories are ! Everyone around here could become famous writers whenever the felt like to !

So thanks for all those users that have answered my mails and taken on account my reviews !

Well it's been kind of month since i wrote that and now i acatually have a story !!!!

So thank you for reading and following and choosing as favorite and reviewing!!!

I've been watcing the stats and i 've realised some of the visitora and viewers are chilean just as me! So for any spanish lenguage speaker, if you don't understand english you can ask me to write an spanich version !!

Para quienes hablan español y no entienden ingles, no duden en preguntarme significados o incluso escribir una version de la historia traducida al español !! Porque seria un placer !

Wow! Can you believe it?! I had no idea i had created this profile on April !!! That's how long it's been !!! Wow!!!

Well, anyhow, Merry Christmas to you all, and for those who read my story, here is the link for the pictures of the characters!

Here's Lily of the Valley : http:///art/Lily-of-the-Valley-421758446?ga_submit_new=10

Here's Lily's necklace : http:///art/Lily-s-necklace-color-424373223

Here's Maeve Fall : http:///art/Maeve-Fall-425893781

I'll be updating this profile when the time is right... muahahaha... :D

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