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Working on right now: Part 1 of the Bonus Chapters on the DM story, "I'm Back" is in progress and should be done soon.

Announcing New Story: A new Web Shows story will be coming out involving Cry, Pewdiepie, The Creatures, and many more. It is also Co-Written by AwesomeMan327, so go check him out! :D

New Chapter(s): One or two more chapters for "The Great Tale of Black Ivy" and "Soul Creature" will be worked on after the two other announcements.


Why hello, people. My name is Yak, who goes to the market in order to fish for puppies and marry a face. I'm just joking. I'm Actually Kittywizarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :D (or Kittywizarrr for short :P)

I come to this website in order to write stories for people like you and all that lovely stuff! :D

Name: Hypatia (last name not included)

Age: 15

Location: One of the first states of America in a small town. (But that's all you're getting)

Gender: Girl (if you didn't guess that already)

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde with some straight up blonde highlights

Eye Color: Brown

I will add more stuff about myself a bit later. At the moment, feel free to read some of my stories I tell me what you think.

Kittywizarrr OUT!

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