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My old name was portkey123, and then Adventure Skyward Girl (in honour of firefly), but now it's JIJIadorbs, since I got a black kitten that reminds me a lot of one my my favourite miyazaki films-- and I can't get enough of his adorableness right now :p

For the moment I am simply an avid reader of all of the wonderful fanfics here. I love books, anime, manga, movies, and mystery/crime shows-- and when I need/want more of my favourite characters I come here to find them. I think I might in the future write some short stories... we'll see since I have never done it seriously before, plus I think my writing would be lacking a bit since I do not have the most extensive vocabulary nor am I good at writing humour... so I guess it would be more for fun than anything else :P . Thanks to all the great and awesome writers here that fulfill my obsession of stories!

Feel free to pm me and chat about stories, etc and I will definitely reply! :)

I guess the most that I will reveal about myself is that I am a female, 23yrs, and am (as of this past September) officially a Preschool teacher to a bunch of adorable children at an International school (best job ever!). The rest is up to your imagination ;) . Oh! and I am completely technology illiterate (unlike most of my generation) and may be confused at things that may seem common sense on the internet... so be nice :)

Current obsessions:

Ghost Hunt

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Psycho Pass


Library War (Thank you soooo much Shiael9x for introducing me to this awesomeness! You're still my favourite author :) )

Studio Ghibli (anything! But especially Miyazaki movies-- and 'Howl's Moving Castle' the novel by Diana Wynne Jones)

Akagami no Shirayukihime (I was a fan of the manga way before the anime came out, and still prefer the manga, but I am still excited they made it into an anime at all)

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